Thin Red Blue Line becomes Honor Valor

Honor Valor Thin Red Blue Line

Thin Red Blue Line becomes Honor Valor



Some of you may be wondering why we changed the name of our store and we hope this post provides some clarity.

Thin Red Blue Line served us well when we started. At the time it represented everything our business was. We had 2 collections - Thin Red Line for firefighters and Thin Blue Line for law enforcement. Now our site happily has expanded to provide options for dispatch, EMS, corrections and military as well as law enforcement and firefighters.

In light of this expansion we looked for the common thread to make our site feel more inclusive to all the professionals we cater to. We approached this task seriously, in the hopes of encompassing everything our company has grown to become and will be in the future. Every one of these jobs requires bravery, often in dangerous situations, and we firmly believe such actions earn the individuals a great deal of respect.

Honor - (verb) to regard with great respect
Valor - (noun) great courage in the face of danger

Our new logo is a shield and a star, oriented the same way as the medal of honor. These represent strength, protection, bravery and recognition of the three. The blue, black and silver colors we chose represent tradition, authority, confidence, dignity, humility and respect. It is our belief that the men and women representing the Thin Blue, Red, White, Gold, Silver and Green Lines and the Military embody those characteristics as well.

We want to thank everyone who has supported our site and we look forward to this new chapter of our business!

Stay safe all.

-Lynn, Bill, Krystina

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