The Story Behind the New Memorial Pins, Flags, and Decals

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From the President's Desk:

We at Honor Valor are proud to begin a new collaboration with Rak Wear LLC. Together we present an exclusive line of products to honor you - who protect, serve and preserve all that is important to us.

Rak Wear is owned by a seasoned Law Enforcement Officer who reached out to us after purchasing one of our rings. She appreciated our individualized approach with our customers and the quality of our product. 

Rak Wear’s unique copyrighted designs represent a simple yet elegant way to commemorate our fallen heroes who selflessly gave their lives to protect others. We proudly honor the memories of those who walked the “line.”

Together, our companies aim to pay tribute to the memory of their “fallen brothers and sisters” in the form of Memorial pins, window decals and flags. All of these products are now available in our store (links below) and artistic graphic t-shirts will soon follow.

Honor Valor and Rak Wear LLC will provide uncompromising quality and service to all law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency service providers and their families. Thank you for being a part of our journey. 



Thin Blue Line Memorial Items

Thin Red Line Memorial Items

Thin White Line Memorial Items



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