Why so cheap?

We have been asked why our products are so inexpensive and we realize that a perception can be formed that our jewelry cannot possibly be of high quality at these prices.
Let us assure you that if you were able to find these items in your local jewelry store you would be paying well over $150 for a piece of jewelry that we are selling for $20. Many of the designs are of our own making so you will not find them in local jewelry stores but our tungsten carbide products, our .925 sterling silver products and even our stainless steel products are of the highest quality available anywhere.
We work directly with the manufacturers, we visit them and research each manufacturer’s quality processes and every item goes through our own quality review when being received and again before we ship to our customers.
We are operating this site to provide high quality jewelry at affordable prices for those who put everything on the line for all of us, every day.
-Bill & Lynn


Additional Information
Our goal is to provide top quality jewelry products at the most affordable prices, we often sell our items at up to 90% off full retail values by working directly with our manufacturers and passing along the savings. We need your help to succeed, please let us know what we can do to make this a better site. Please let us know what we can offer to make it a valuable resource. IMPORTANT NOTE - We do not collect or store any of your personal credit card or PayPal information on this site. We use Shopify's credit card processing and/or PayPal's payment processing. All transactions will be safe and secure!