10 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Police Week

National Police week is happening now! If you're looking for ways to show your gratitude, this list is for you. Here are 10 simple ways you can show support this week.


  1. Wear a blue ribbon

  2. If you see an officer out for dinner or a drink after shift, buy it for them

  3. Hang a blue flag off of your porch

  4. Thank police officers on your business's marquee, if you have one

  5. Stop by the station with treats to share with the shift

  6. Write a letter to your local police department thanking them for their service

  7. Put a blue lightbulb in your front light

  8.  Wear blue on Thursday May 19th

  9.  Share some positive police stories on social media

    (and we saved the simplest for last)

  10. Say thank you!


Thanks to Police Supporter for the majority of this list. Check them out on Facebook!

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