Thin Red Line Firefighter Memorial Decal

Thin Red Line Firefighter Memorial Decal

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Die cut decal with the Rak Wear memorial design. The kneeling Archangel presents a folded American Flag within the Thin Red Line, representing and honoring all those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

“We know the cost of being called a Hero and we will never forget our Brothers and Sisters who have sacrificed their lives to pay that price”

This decal is part of the Thin Red Line Memorial collection in a collaboration between Honor Valor and Rak Wear.

*Note: There is no background. The decal is made up of the red line and archangel. Please follow included instructions for application.*

Style: Decal-R
Material: High Quality Exterior Vinyl
Design: Kneeling Archangel Presenting American Flag on Thin Red Line
Length: 7.5"
Width: 4"
Life span: 5 Years
Recommended Display Surfaces: Glass or Metal (solid, non-porous surfaces)

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