Shortening Your Rubber Bracelet

Follow these instructions to make your bracelet smaller!


NOTE: BRACELETS CANNOT BE RETURNED/REPLACED ONCE THEY ARE ALTERED. Please be careful while trimming. If you make it too small we cannot replace it, you will need to purchase a new one.


Open the bracelet clasp and hold the bracelet so you are looking at the inside of the bracelet. You should be able to read the “stainless steel” stamp.  


Locate the opening on the fastening piece and carefully stick a screw driver, or scissor in the opening. Gently angle the tool back so the part holding the rubber in place will lift.  


Then you can take out the rubber, and carefully trim it. It is better to cut it so the bracelet is a little longer than you think you need. If you need to trim more off later you can, but once it is cut there is no way to make it larger. 




Feed the rubber back into the clasp, check that the blue rubber parts are securely inside.


Close the clasp making sure that it grips the rubber and the clasp is back in its original position. 


Now the bracelet can be worn on a smaller wrist!